HCF Configurator, created by Karen Tamrazyan between 2000 and 2001, is a legacy software utility designed to optimize Conexant/Rockwell chipset-based modems by offering advanced parameter control, now without author support or warranties.


HCF Configurator, developed by Karen Tamrazyan, is a software utility designed for tuning and optimizing Conexant/Rockwell HCF (WinModems) and HSF (SoftModems) chipset-based modems. This tool provides advanced control over various modem parameters to enhance performance and reliability. Version is the latest version, which is available as a pre-release, emphasizing that this version comes without warranties and is used at the user’s risk.

Created between 2000 and 2001, this tool represented an important development in modem configuration technology, providing users with enhanced control over their devices’ operational settings.


Here are some screenshots of the HCF Configurator in action, showcasing its interface and various functionalities:

Info Tab View

Info Tab

Transmit Tab View

Transmit Tab

Registers Tab View

Registers Tab

Signals Tab View

Signals Tab

Timing Tab View

Timing Tab

Statistics Tab View

Statistics Tab

Key Features

  • Automatic Modem Detection: Simplifies setup by identifying HCF and HSF chipset-based modems.
  • Comprehensive Parameter Adjustment: Allows users to fine-tune transmit levels for data, fax, and voice, adjust connection aggressiveness, and configure tone cadence parameters.
  • Detailed S-Registers View: Displays and manages the modem’s s-registers, offering insights into limit and default values.
  • Real-time Statistics: Provides a detailed report of the last connection, aiding in performance assessment.
  • User-friendly Interface: Features an intuitive interface with six main tabs and a straightforward menu for easy navigation and configuration.

System Requirements

  • Pentium-100 MHz or higher processor
  • Windows 95/98, ME, NT (not tested), or 2000 (not tested)
  • Modem based on any supported Conexant/Rockwell HCF or HSF chipset

Supported Chipsets

HCF Configurator supports the following range of HCF and HSF chipsets, ensuring broad compatibility with various modem models.

HCF-chipsets (Controllerless):

  • R6785-61 RLVDL56DPF/SP HCF/SP
  • R6785-62 RLDL56DPF
  • R6785-68 RLDL56DPF HCF
  • R6789-51 RHP56D/SP 100-pin PQFP
  • R6789-52 RHP56D HCF-2 MDP 100-pin PQFP
  • R6795-11 RH56D/SP-PCI 144-pin TQFP
  • R6795-12 RH56D-PCI [HCF] 144-pin TQFP
  • R6795-18 RH56D-PCI

HSF-chipsets (SoftK56):

  • R6787-12 RS56-PCI Early HSF Data/Fax/Voice/TAM(/SP)
  • R6793-11 RS56/SP-PCI Desktop HSF Data/Fax/Voice/TAM/SP
  • R6793-12 Desktop HSF Data/Fax/Voice/TAM
  • R6793-21 RS56/SP-PCI11P1 HSF
  • R6794-11 Mobile HSF Data/Fax/Voice/TAM/Cellular/SP
  • R6794-13 RS56/SP-MOB Soft K56 PCI Modem
  • R6794-14 Mobile HSF Data/Fax/Voce/TAM/Cellular

What’s New

The latest version introduces features such as hardware ID display, connection aggressiveness adjustment, and improvements in timing parameters for redialing and billing, alongside bug fixes and enhanced COM port support.


Version PR

  • New: Increased the quantity of COM ports supported (COM1 - COM6).
  • New: Expanded the size of the form.

Version PR

  • New: Added Automatic Detection of installed HCF/HSF modem.
  • New: Added modems Plug and Play key selection.
  • New: Added modems Country key selection.
  • New: Now shows Hardware ID on the Info tab.
  • New: Connection Aggressiveness adjustment on the Transmit tab.
  • New: Adjustment of Timing parameters for dialing on the Timing tab.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in the statistics report (signal/noise ratio).
  • Fixed: Processed many exceptions.

Version PR

  • New: Added Info tab - displays modem model, driver version, date, etc.
  • New: Added Fax Signals mode - allows adjustment of fax detection.
  • New: Now makes reports for Info, Registers, and Statistics tabs.
  • New: Refreshed some elements of the user interface.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in Transmit Levels.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in the statistics report (Diagnostic revision).
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in DTMF frequency Transmit Levels.

Version PR

  • Fixed: Fixed many bugs in the statistics report of the last connection.

Version PR

  • Introduced regulation of data/fax/voice transmit levels [-15…0 dBm].
  • Introduced regulation of low/high DTMF frequencies transmit levels.
  • Enabled viewing the limits and default values of 10 S-registers.
  • Enabled viewing stored and current values of all S-registers.
  • Introduced regulation of tone cadence parameters.
  • Enabled viewing the statistics report of the last connection.

Installation and Usage

HCF Configurator is distributed as freeware and must be copied in unmodified form. Users are encouraged to download the latest version from the official web pages to ensure access to the most recent features and fixes.

License Agreement

By installing and using HCF Configurator, users agree to the terms of the license, which outlines the software’s distribution as “as is” and disclaims any liability for damages arising from its use.

Technical Support

As a legacy software, the HCF Configurator is no longer supported by its author, Karen Tamrazyan. There will be no updates, technical support, or direct assistance provided for this tool. Users should be aware that they use the software at their own risk without the expectation of future support or updates.


Appreciation is conveyed to Pavel Mitronov, Igor Belyanin, Nikita Zolotarev, and the beta-testers for their contributions and support throughout the project’s development.


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Available project files:

Filename Size Description
hcf0504p.zip 257 KB Binaries (ver. 0504+)
doc0503r.zip 12 KB Russian manual as RTF (ver. 0503)
doc0503r.pdf 306 KB Russian manual as PDF (ver. 0503)
hcf100src.zip 88 KB Sources (ver. 100)