• Taxation and Accounting of Domain Name Purchase and Renewal in Germany

    Explore tax implications of domain purchases and renewals in Germany, including cost deductions and accounting treatments for businesses.
  • How to Integrate Google Analytics With a Ghost Website

    Learn how to seamlessly integrate Google Analytics with your Ghost website to track user engagement and website performance.
  • How to Add Google Analytics to Your SvelteKit Website

    Learn the simplest way to integrate Google Analytics into your SvelteKit website, enabling detailed traffic analysis.
  • How to Hide a Post on Jekyll

    Learn how to easily hide or disable draft and existing posts in Jekyll, ensuring your site displays only content that's ready and relevant.
  • Simple Way to Integrate Google Analytics into Jekyll's Minima Theme

    Discover how to easily integrate Google Analytics 4 into your Jekyll Minima theme, enhancing your blog's insights with minimal file modifications.
  • Job Search Hacks: Avoid Microsoft

    Learn how to find out using DNS records if a company is using Microsoft Exchange or Outlook at work to avoid applying to those.
  • State of Cloud Communities in German-Speaking Countries

    Explore the landscape of cloud community networks across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, comparing AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud's presence through active Meetup groups.
  • WebSniffer Unblocked

    Discover how WebSniffer, a versatile HTTP protocol debugger, overcame corporate antivirus blockages like Trend Micro and Kaspersky, and learn about its journey from a personal project to a widely accessible, ad-supported tool.
  • Don't Get Penta

    The the pitfalls of upgrading a free Penta bank account to a paid plan through seemingly innocuous account settings changes, highlighting the importance of cautious navigation in fintech platforms.
  • How to Start a Start-Up

    I found this infographic on the Internet about starting a new venture and it cough my attention. While, not all the listed steps are “scientifically correct”, the raw framework of founding a startup still makes a lot of sense.

  • Free Business Bank Account in Germany

    Learn to open a free online business bank account in Germany, a cost-saving move for entrepreneurs, with a focus on top choices like N26 and Holvi.
  • Digital or Dead

    The presentation “Digital or Dead. A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation” was given by Karen Tamrazyan on 11 April 2019.

  • Dark Matter - The Future after Cloud!

    Dark Matter - The Future after Cloud! is the name of the presentation that was given by Karen Tamrazyan at the Integrated Plant Engineering Conference (IPEC) in Nuremberg on the 13th of March 2019.
  • Why People Become Entrepreneurs

    Here are 16 profound reasons why some people become entrepreneurs.
  • Registrar Hopping Explained

    Learn how to use registrar hopping to cut costs of domain name registration and renewal. Hop between registrars to keep your domain price as low as possible
  • Registrar Hopping for Beginners

    Learn how to cost efficiently register and retain domain names using the Registrar Hopping approach. With this video I’m starting my vlog series. Likes and channel subscriptions on YouTube are much appreciated 👍😉

  • What Is a .CC (Dot CC) Domain?

    According to the wiki, .cc is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian territory of only 14 km² (5.4 square miles; 1,400 ha) and about 600 inhabitants.

  • What Is .TOP (Dot TOP) Domain?

    This article was initially posted as an answer to the question “What is .top domain?” at Quora.

  • Microsoft Windows Goes Open Source!

    Explore the possibility and implications of Microsoft Windows going open source, reflecting on Microsoft's evolving relationship with open source contributions.
  • Why XING Sucks

    Probably, most of you don’t even know what I mean by “XING” and why it sucks. If it wouldn’t suck you would definitely know it. Because it has a huge potential to become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) professional social networks in the world.

  • Edge + Fog + Cloud = Dark Matter

    Herewith I want to announce the official launch of the open source project Dark Matter. In essence, it’s an effort to create a framework, which would allow to seamlessly distribute the apps, services and storage on nodes and devices on all three levels: on edge devices, on fog nodes and also in the cloud. It should be also possible to operate the system completely without the cloud (headless).

  • LFD232 Cloud Foundry for Developers

    It took me quite some time to complete the Linux Foundation’s course “LFD232 Cloud Foundry for Developers“. While the course was good, I still have a bad gut feeling about the Cloud Foundry technology in general. It feels kind of clumsy to me. The fact that it was there before the whole containers boom and that they have a hard time catching up with containers says a lot. Seems like the future of cloud-native apps belongs primarily to techs like Kubernetes + Docker etc.

  • Disrupt Yourself!

    We are living in the age of re-thinking. The rapid technological development gives us the tools to rethink and redo the old stuff in a new, optimized and lean way. “Digitalization” is the word that is frequently used to designate this trend. Some of its extreme forms are called disruptive innovation.

  • Down With the Politicians

    The world is changing dynamically and will be changing in the near future even more dramatically. Technology brings higher computational speed coupled with completely new ways to solve problems. Technology can reduce the physical work for people to the point that they don’t have to do it.

  • Working Like an Artist 🎨

    Ever wondered how to create state of the art products and services? The key is to be obsessed with your creations. Most of the products that are surrounding us are those, which were created using the 80:20 principle. It means that creators used 20% of their effort to create 80% of the product, which normally includes basic shape, functionality and branding (name, color etc.) What if you want to win customer’s heart by crafting great products and services and by doing this to go down in history as a great creator? Then you have to treat your product as a piece of art. A great piece of art.

  • That’s Why a Corporate Job Might Be Not for You

    All people are different. Majority of the people would be more than happy to have a well-paid job, lick their manager’s (and manager’s manager, and manager’s manager’s manager…) butt and fake their skills and knowledge to pretend to be something more… But among humans, there are sometimes these kinds of species, who cannot conform to the current status quo. After some time they begin to ask themselves questions like “What the heck am I doing here? Why am I spending my lifetime on that crap? Was I born into this world to do that?”

  • AWSome Day Roadshow 2018 in Munich

    Today I’m participating in Amazon’s AWSome Day in Munich. The training starts at 09:00 a.m. and includes AWS Basics like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS, before the day ends with a session about Serverless and Software development on AWS at 05:00 p.m.

  • Docker for Beginners Workshop

    This Tuesday was a great rainy day to spend 4 hours at the University of Bayreuth attending the Docker for Beginners workshop organized by Govinda Fichtner of Paessler AG and Bastian Roth of indibit GmbH. The workshop consisted of theoretical (slides) and practical (hands-on CLI orgy) parts. The process was accompanied by tasty family-size pizzas and drinks.

  • "Automation meets Edge" Challenge

    Siemens Digital Factory and Siemens Factory Automation business units, together with university and Edge experts of Siemens Corporate Technology are launching a Global University Challenge on the topic „Automation meets Edge”.

  • Three Bitcoin and Blockchain Courses

    Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology. It’s already disrupting the banking and insurance industries and has the potential to revolutionize current political and social systems. It has many implementations and applications, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Smart Laws, Distributed Apps (DApps) etc. In essence, it’s about removing the trusted authorities and giving power to the peers or people.

  • Three IoT-related PTC Courses

    PTC offers three nice IoT-related courses via their IoT University website or via Udemy. Each course is about one hour long.

  • Completed 3 Kubernetes and Docker Courses

    Containers have a bright future. Some analysts predict that PaaS technologies might be disrupted since containers are a platform on their own. I spent some time and passed 3 Kubernetes and Docker courses, which I can highly recommend:
    Learning Kubernetes by Karthik Gaekwad
    Kubernetes Native Tools by Karthik Gaekwad
    Learning Docker by Arthur Ulfeldt

  • Three API Courses

    The past Sunday was an API day! Completed another 3 online courses:

  • Completed three AWS and Azure online courses

    Took a day off from work and successfully completed 3 online courses:

  • How to add new Cloud Foundry users to an ORG via CF CLI

    This tutorial applies to the MindSphere version 3.0. MindSphere operates on top of the Cloud Foundry platform. To deploy “MindSphere native” applications, one needs an access to the Cloud Foundry environment within the MindSphere. Each MindSphere customer, who orders “MindAccess Developer” or “MindAccess Operator” plan, also receives a separate Cloud Foundry org. An org (short from “organization”) is a development environment that an individual or multiple collaborators can own and use. Every application and service within Cloud Foundry is scoped to a space. Each org contains at least one space.

  • Freebies at Embedded World 2018

    Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg is one of the world’s biggest exhibitions and conferences focused on embedded technologies and Internet of Things (IoT). The expo occurs annually and this year it will go from 27 February until 1 March 2018. The opening times are 09:00 – 18:00 (27 and 28 February) and 09:00 – 17:00 (1 March). The entrance ticket is also free and can be obrained with the voucher code “ew18web” or by simply following this link.

  • Have Prof. Ross Anderson inspired CryptoKitties?

    In his 2 years old interview “How Bitcoin Works” professor Ross Anderson of the Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory talks about a “killer application” for the blockchain technology. He makes analogies to the killer application of the Internet, which in his opinion is disseminating photographs of cats 🙂

  • How to check whether your CPU supports hardware virtualization

    Learn how to easily check if your CPU supports hardware virtualization using HWiNFO, a crucial step for running virtual machines and mobile platform IDEs.

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