Job Search Hacks: Avoid Microsoft

microsoft exhange in dns records

Learn how to find out using DNS records if a company is using Microsoft Exchange or Outlook at work to avoid applying to those.

State of Cloud Communities in German-Speaking Countries

Cloud Leaders - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

In this short article we’ll overview and briefly compare regional communities behind the three major public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (aka AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The overview only covers three predominantly German-speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland (also called “DACH” countries). What criteria are we going to use in comparing the communities? …

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WebSniffer Unblocked

WebSniffer Unbocked

WebSniffer is one of my projects that will be getting more of my attention now and during the upcoming weeks and months. In essence, it’s a HTTP protocol debugger that sends a GET/POST/HEAD request to a remote site and returns the headers and content of the requested page. It also helps to track different types …

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Canon Full-Frame Cameras List

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

The full-frame cameras are getting ever more popular. Canon is the undisputed leader in the photography equipment manufacturing and offers plenty of digital cameras with full-frame sensors. Most of the full-frame cameras produced by Canon are traditionally digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR). However, recently Canon launched several mirrorless full-frame cameras that are smaller and lighter …

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How to Start a Start-Up

I found this infographic on the Internet about starting a new venture and it cough my attention. While, not all the listed steps are “scientifically correct”, the raw framework of founding a startup still makes a lot of sense. live in the future, ahead of your time what is missing in the world? write it …

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