Neo Blue SL, released on June 21, 2003, is a specialized software utility designed to optimize and adjust Smart Link chipset-based modems. This tool offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance modem performance and reliability.


Neo Blue SL aims to provide an advanced control over modem settings, including automatic modem detection, information retrieval, and parameter adjustment. It supports Smart Link’s AMR/CNR/ACR/MDC/MiniPCI/PCI modems, offering users the ability to fine-tune modem parameters for improved operation.


Here are some screenshots of the Neo Blue SL in action, showcasing its interface and various functionalities:

Basic Information View

Basic Information

Supported Countries View

Supported Countries

Transmit Parameters View

Transmit Parameters

Tones Detection View

Tones Detection

Timing Parameters View

Timing Parameters

Blacklisting Parameters View

Blacklisting Parameters

Key Features

  • Automatic Modem Detection: Automatically identifies the installed Smart Link modem.
  • Modem Information Display: Shows comprehensive details about the modem.
  • Extended Initialization String: Supports init-strings longer than 40 symbols.
  • Country Change & Preview: Allows for easy switching and preview of country-specific parameters.
  • Adjustable Transmit and Protocol Parameters: Fine-tunes transmit levels and protocol settings (Note: Full functionality requires registration).
  • Line Tone Detection Tune: Adjusts line tone detection settings for better accuracy (Registration required).
  • Modem Timeouts Change: Customizes modem timeout settings (Registration required).
  • Blacklist Configuration: Manages blacklisting settings for enhanced control over outgoing calls (Registration required).
  • Report Generation: Creates detailed reports on modem configuration.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
  • A Smart Link modem installed, based on supported chipsets.

Supported Chipsets

Neo Blue SL is compatible with a range of Smart Link chipsets, including HAMR5600, SmartRiser56, SmartRiser561, SmartPCI561, SmartPCI562, SmartLAN56, and SmartUSB56. It’s important to note that some chipsets, like SmartUSB56, may not be fully tested and could present issues.

Registration Information

Neo Blue SL is distributed as a demo version with limited functionality. Registering the software enables all features, allowing users to fully adjust modem parameters. Registration provides access to technical support and free minor updates.

Technical Support

As a legacy software, Neo Blue SL is no longer supported by its author, Karen Tamrazyan. There will be no updates, technical support, or direct assistance provided for this tool. Users should be aware that they use the software at their own risk without the expectation of future support or updates.


By using Neo Blue SL, users agree to the terms of the license agreement, which includes limitations on warranties and liability. The software is provided “as is”, and the Neo Blue Team disclaims any warranties regarding the software’s performance or reliability.


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Available project files:

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