The world is changing dynamically and will be changing in the near future even more dramatically. Technology brings higher computational speed coupled with completely new ways to solve problems. Technology can reduce the physical work for people to the point that they don’t have to do it.

Politics is an artificial and unnatural construction. Every time people delegate their power or vote in favor of somebody, it is almost inevitable that the power would be abused and, in many cases, turned against the people. Then why to take risks, instead of avoiding them, to begin with? Never vote for anybody and never elect anybody! The whole system is designed for corruption. People who want to become politicians are mainly driven by egoism and pursuit of their profits rather than by altruism.

When people have access to objective and unbiased information, they don’t need someone to take decisions for them. Wiki is already there, other systems are emerging as well.

But who are the decision-makers making important resolutions on the economy and social life? We are. Nowadays it costs virtually nothing to cast a (digital) vote. Let people vote on EVERYTHING. Let people organize themselves.

Is the humanity going to immerse in chaos and wars then? No. Intelligent species like humans are self-organizing. There will never be another war again. No loving mother ever wishes to send her child to a war, unless brainwashed by propaganda or forced to do so.

The world is changing and there is absolutely no need to solve old problems by old means.

About the Author

Karen Tamrazyan is an entrepreneur, open-source advocate and web & mobile apps developer. In his free from work time he finds joy and happiness in every little thing together with his family and friends. Karen is a passionate blogger and author, who is eager to learn new stuff and share his knowledge.