It took me quite some time to complete the Linux Foundation’s course “LFD232 Cloud Foundry for Developers“. While the course was good, I still have a bad gut feeling about the Cloud Foundry technology in general. It feels kind of clumsy to me. The fact that it was there before the whole containers boom and that they have a hard time catching up with containers says a lot. Seems like the future of cloud-native apps belongs primarily to techs like Kubernetes + Docker etc.

Chapters of the course:

  1. Introduction
  2. CF Motivators
  3. Basic Definitions
  4. Technical Overview
  5. Core Themes
  6. Logging & Metrics
  7. Resiliency
  8. Services
  9. Twelve-Factor Applications
  10. Log Drain Review
  11. Manipulating Routes
  12. App Execution & Security Groups
  13. Staging & Running
  14. Microservices
  15. Route Services
  16. Docker
  17. TCP Routing
  18. UAA and OAuth2
  19. Cloud-Native
  20. Cascading Failure
  21. Distributed Tracing
  22. Application Lifecycle
  23. Non-Breaking Changes
  24. CI/CD & Automation