All people are different. Majority of the people would be more than happy to have a well-paid job, lick their manager’s (and manager’s manager, and manager’s manager’s manager…) butt and fake their skills and knowledge to pretend to be something more… But among humans, there are sometimes these kinds of species, who cannot conform to the current status quo. After some time they begin to ask themselves questions like “What the heck am I doing here? Why am I spending my lifetime on that crap? Was I born into this world to do that?”

Here is a test. If you answer positively to most of the questions, then you are in a wrong job.

  1. Your company’s computer is full of pre-installed crapware and spyware, which, according to the company policies, you are not allowed to get rid of. You are not allowed to choose which computer and operating system to use — it is carefully decided for you.
  2. You find yourself to work in a secretive environment, where a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes. It is an exclusive environment, not inclusive. Collaboration and brainstormings are very seldom.
  3. The top management declares very high and right values, but behind the facade, quite the opposite is happening.
  4. Individual initiative and improvement suggestions are often met with irritation and anger and will be ignored in most of the cases.
  5. There are at least 3 individuals in your team or very close to the team, which you don’t like personally and whom you would prefer not to see in your life ever again. They are often liars and upstarts with a very egoistic mindset and no sense of fair play.
  6. Managers have no idea about the domain they are working in.
  7. People with passion are a minority and also struggling like you. You understand each other very well.
  8. Employees are often referenced with the word “resources” rather than “talents”.
  9. You should fight to be allowed to attend a new training or certification.
  10. That what they ask you to do — you don’t like. That what you like and enjoy to do — you are not supposed to do.
  11. You are enforced to spend a lot of time doing useless and stupid things, like writing useless reports, taking part in pointless meetings, frequently tracking hours in a manual and painful way.
  12. Hierarchy is more important than bright ideas.
  13. You feel that you miss on life and your family by working your butt off for a paycheck.

In the end, ask yourself one simple question: “If it were not for money, would I be doing it?” If the answer is “no”, then you know that you are in a wrong place and doing the wrong thing.

Somewhere out there your dream job is waiting for you. Go and chase your dream!

About the Author

Karen Tamrazyan is an entrepreneur, open-source advocate and web & mobile apps enthusiast. In his free time he finds joy and happiness in every little thing together with his family and friends. Karen is a passionate blogger and author, who is eager to learn new stuff and share his knowledge with people.