Ever wondered how to create state of the art products and services? The key is to be obsessed with your creations. Most of the products that are surrounding us are those, which were created using the 80:20 principle. It means that creators used 20% of their effort to create 80% of the product, which normally includes basic shape, functionality and branding (name, color etc.) What if you want to win customer’s heart by crafting great products and services and by doing this to go down in history as a great creator? Then you have to treat your product as a piece of art. A great piece of art.

Do you know how much it took Leonardo da Vinci to paint Mona Lisa? Whopping 4 years! And he eventually left it unfinished. Even was quoted as “never having completed a single work”. An “80:20 painter” would need just several days to paint a similarly looking picture. But then probably the world would have never hear about that artwork or that painter.

Creating a great product requires some time and passion. Attention to the details and inspiration. The creator goes back iteratively to his/her creation to adjust it, again and again. In the retrospective, if confronted with the question “are you satisfied with your creation?” he or she would often say that it still can be slightly improved.

Can you create art within the wage slavery wage labor framework? Sure, you can. But to be honest, the majority of the work out there is quantity oriented, not quality oriented. Still, it’s up to every one of us, which pill to take, red or blue.

Which next product or service will you create? Will it be a piece of art or will it be yet another soulless creation?

Anyone can be an artist. Work like an artist!

About the Author

Karen Tamrazyan is an entrepreneur, open-source advocate and web & mobile apps developer. In his free from work time he finds joy and happiness in every little thing together with his family and friends. Karen is a passionate blogger and author, who is eager to learn new stuff and share his knowledge.