I found this infographic on the Internet about starting a new venture and it cough my attention. While, not all the listed steps are “scientifically correct”, the raw framework of founding a startup still makes a lot of sense.

Infographic by Anna Vital: “How to Start a Start-Up”.

  1. live in the future, ahead of your time
  2. what is missing in the world?
  3. write it down and bounce ideas around
  4. make a prototype
  5. show the prototype to 100 people
  6. iterate on the prototype until it makes sense
  7. find a co-founder
  8. register your C-corp, split equity
  9. look for funding and build version one at the same time
  10. launch – let everyone know you have made something
  11. follow up with users. Are they coming back?

[A] yes, they are coming back:

  1. [12a] get to 1000 users
  2. [13a] grow 5% a week (hard, but proven possible)
  3. [14a] keep growing for another 4 years, and at that rate you will reach 25 million users
  4. [15a] SUCCESS!

[B] no, they came and left:

  1. [12b] launch again (after iterating). Launch until users stay (AirBnB launched 3 times)
  2. [13b] go to no. 11

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